Walter and the Tigers

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Walter and the Tigers is a 23 minute documentary about Freediving with Tiger Sharks in South Africa with Walter Bernardis, a leading diver with Tiger Sharks.

The documentary shows that through Scuba Diving with Tiger Sharks, the creatures are not as dangerous as first thought. This allows further investigatation into the Tigers' behaviour, showing how incredible these sharks can be.

But, the film will also show you the danger that the Tiger Sharks are in — as it will reveal how Tiger Sharks are killed in the nearby Natal Sharks Board beach nets, and then publicly dissected by the organization.

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From the Director

Jason Perryman

Jason Perryman

Hi and thank you for checking out my website for my my documentary Walter and the Tigers.

I'm no expert or trained film maker, I'm just a simple guy that absolutely loves sharks and wanted to get close to them since I was a kid. So when I was travelling for 3 years, I thought "South Africa has loads of sharks!" so I flew there to finally swim with these magnificent creatures, and if you love doing something so much, then you may as well film it. So this is how Walter and the Tigers was born.

These are absolutely wonderful animals I'm sure you'll agree, but Tiger Sharks are also in great danger as they are caught in the beach nets of the Natal Sharks Board, very close to where we dive with them, and need our help to end this. So I hope you will check out some of my film here, and if you like what you see, please contact me to watch the entire movie. I hope you enjoy my sharks.

Jason Perryman

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